ProExtender System

“Cure the Peyronies disease


There are two common surgeries that are performed for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease; one of them called the Nesbit procedure actually results in a shortening of the penis by 1-2 inches. The second procedure involves replacing scar tissue with grafted tissue, and often results in partial or complete loss of erectile function.

Due to the extreme nature of these surgical procedures, trying alternative treatment methods during the “waiting period” should be a very worthwhile undertaking. With the design of the traction devices that are now available on the market, these are the most documented and successful methods of self treatment, perhaps more so when combined with Vitamin E therapy.

One of the most popular devices, the ProExtender, demonstrate their effectiveness. These corrective devices work by applying a gentle, consistent traction to the penis, which counteracts the scar tissue from hardening, while shaping the penis into a straight measure.

These devices, at least in the case of the ProExtender, can even be worn discreetly under clothing. Some men have reported wearing these at work, provided they have a low-exertion job. It is necessary to apply the devices consistently for a course of a few months, to ensure permanent results.

This traction device was developed by Jorne Ege Siana, a Swedish doctor. They have been used in medical clinics and hospitals throughout the US and Europe by post-penis-surgery patients, to ensure proper healing. They have even been offered by doctors as an alternative to surgery.

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