“Do Penis Stretchers Work?”


Before we delve into answering that question, first let’s find out: why is there a need for such a product? Penis stretchers, like many other penis enlargement products being sold in the market today, are intended to help men increase the length and girth of their penis.

Why is this so? Studies have shown that a lot of men would not prefer to simply belong to the average size class for penises. Those who fall below that range actually feel insecure and may even have inadequacies when it comes to sex.

Researches and surveys have found out that on the average, Americans have a length of about 6 inches. Given the choice, many guys would want to make their phalluses a little bigger. Is this also because of a better means of impressing women?

If you would ask the ladies, it is not a general consensus whether bigger is always better when penises are under consideration. However, there are still a notable number of ladies out there who look for that special asset when choosing a sex partner. Well endowed men definitely have an edge over those who aren’t.

Penis stretchers provide benefits for the male, not only by helping him increase the size of his penis, but also by giving him back his self confidence and self-esteem. Guys who feel they are longer and bigger tend to perform better in bed, hence providing satisfaction for both the woman and the man.

Penis stretchers were designed following the principle of providing tension for tissues to facilitate cell division. If the penis is gradually exposed to a form of pulling tension, which is provided by the stretcher, cells in penile tissues divide more rapidly, contributing to an increase in length.

Even ancient methods of penis enlargement have used this physiological reason as basis for their devices. So here now is the big question: do penis stretchers work? Of course they do. However, results may vary from one guy to another. The key thing to remember here is to use the product following the instructions carefully, and observing progression as you try to increase the length of your penis.

Progression means that you gradually change the tension of your penis stretcher as you go along your program. Do not immediately expect instant results by taking the shortcut, as this can lead to side effects like nerve damage, blood vessel damage, and others.

When you decide on purchasing penis stretchers, keep an open mind on the wide range of brands available. Competition in this male enhancement market can be fierce, and you are sure to find products that have outrageous promises like giving you several inches more after only a few days.

Be sure to choose a product that has already gathered a good and reliable reputation. There are also brands of penis stretchers that come with instructional manuals or DVD’s, as well as examples of penile exercises you can do to further improve your results as you use the product.

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