What exactly is a penis extender device?



A penis extender device is a lightweight medical instrument that is worn on the penis while it is in the flaccid state. It has adjustment screws attached to it, which enable you to increase the length of the device, which in turn has a stretching effect on the penis, thereby gradually increasing its length. To attain the maximum benefits of this extender device, it must be worn for nearly 5-8 hours daily, and the adjustment screws must be turned according to the schedule of the penis enlargement program.

How this extender device works

Even though the penis extender device is something newly introduced, the public knows the chief principle on which it works, for more than thousands of years now. This principle states that the human body has been designed to become accustomed to the environment. For instance, to build up bigger and stronger muscles, people generally lift weights.

The lungs of professional or trained athletes are much potent than anyone else. As expected, the penis responds to this kind of traction in the same way. The extender device progressively stretches the penis and increases its length, causing the cells in it to develop effective increasing its overall size.

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Is the penis extender better than the other options of penis enlargement?

Penis extender devices provide a full-on combination of effectiveness and safety, which none of the other penis enlargement methods can match. The option of getting a penis surgery done is effective too, but it is very dangerous (and it costs a lot too!). Besides, pumps and weights can provide some positive results, but even these are quite dangerous and can lead to permanent damage to the penile tissues.

Penis enlargement pills are very safe too, however, alas, no pill can actually increase the size of your penis, although, it can act as a supplement to your routine of your regular penis exercise. In contrast to all these penis enlargement options, penis extender devices underwent widespread medical testing, after which they were proved effective and safe.

The gains that you can expect from a penis extender device

As mentioned earlier in this article, if you look at achieving the maximum gains in your cinch and length from this extender device, you must wear it for at least 6-8 hours a day. If you stick to this particular exercise routine, (which can get very difficult if the extender device that you use is not very comfortable, so buy a model of the device that comes with a comfort strap), the standard gain in the length is about 1-1.5 inches in the initial three months.

Moreover, if you continue to wear it and perform the stretching exercises for another three months, you can even expect its length to increase by 0.5-1 more inches. The total period of exercising is generally three to six months entirely depending on how fast you attain your size goal. Once you accomplish at the task, you do not have to wear it to maintain your new size – Yes, it is permanent!

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