“Top 8 procedures and techniques on how to get a larger penis”


If there is a thing that would get a man move away from the TV on a Monday night wrestling episode, it would be the answer to the question that haunts the man-dom since the beginning – how to get a larger penis?

You all know that your bragging rights could be measured by how we couldn’t help but stay focused on our job because we’re too busy thinking of our marathon last night. It can be said that a measure of man is on how easy it is to get his woman satisfied.

You all hear all women asking how long – or short – are that of their man. So you think size really matters? A number of studies show that more often than not satisfaction is based on how big, or thin it is. So read so you could just know what we want – and keep us grasping for air just about every time.

In general, there are two known ways on how to get a larger penis: through a lengthening surgery and widening injection or girth enhancement. In a 2006 BMC Women’s Health study, women reported that the width and length is more important in getting sexually stimulated.

A number of scientific studies had seconded the survey result, in fact a total of 1,500 women readers of the Psychology Today reported that it is of their men’s member’s width that they consider to spell the difference between a satisfying and fulfilling round from a so-so. Still not believing what you see?

A number of researches studying the relationship between a penis size and a female’s genital response had published a result that had men re-thinking their positions – on what his partner really thinks about his member. Here are 2 myth busters that would help you determine which you would want to improve in order to really satisfy your woman.

    Myth 1: Penetrate deep. A number of study shows that men are more keen in penetrating deep in order to satisfy his woman. However, study shows that women are more aroused when their men have a thicker penis. Intercourse could be more stimulating to women when her female genitals are well excited – and this means to properly stimulate her vulva, clitoris, and the section closest to her vagina is the key to a more satisfying sack session. It’s not how you could go deeper, as study shows that stimulation on the deepest point of the vagina is painful and really comfortable. So don’t even try to go down too deep.

    Myth 2: Mine’s not long enough. Believe it or not, women can handle just about any length there is. So whether you’re planning to really impress her on just how deep can you get or to measure how far could you actually reach down there, you’re thinking of all the wrong things on how to satisfy your woman. Study shows that when aroused, the vagina would rapidly lengthen in order to accommodate almost all know size – and would even lengthen more than 8.5 cm. As the woman is being driven to reach her peak, the vagina would continually expand in length to up to 2/3 in its normal size.


Most men rather ask the best procedure to their physicians on how to get a larger penis than to actually take time in learning and re-learning how to pleasure the known endogenous or hot spots of his woman. But to really get things going, here are some known methods to get it larger,

    1. Real penile lengthening. Most surgeons and health experts do not recommend this procedure because of its entailed risk in loosing one’s ability to get a full erection.

    2. Inflatable implants. This procedure primarily replaces the corpora cavernosa with safe inflatable penile implants.

    3. Self-applied techniques.

    4. Cosmetic. This procedure virtually enlarges the penis. Known techniques include removing pubic hair and even loosing weight.

    5. Pills.

    6. Penis pump

    7. Jelqing and clamping

    8. Stretching and hanging


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