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“An Overview On Male Sexual Health”


Man’s mental well-being, on the whole, depends upon sexual libido or male sexual health because if he finds any difficulty in achieving sexual satisfaction during intercourse that can lead to depression, lack of confidence or fear of refusal by his partner.

Males generally measure their masculinity through their sexual desires, and it is often seen that many of the men suffer from the problem of sexual dysfunction. There are several reasons for poor male sexual health that basically include emotional as well as physical reasons.

Emotional reasons

Few emotional grounds that result in low male sexual health include depression, boredom as well as lack of self esteem.

Physical reasons

Aging, physical stress or consuming a large amount of drugs like alcohol, are some of the physical reasons that mainly result in decreasing of the male sexual health.

Low male sexual health can also occur because of the chronic illness like neurological disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as other problems, which affect flow of blood into penis. In order to improve male libido or sexual desires, there are lots of natural supplements available in the market today that assist in enhancing sexual desires as well as potency.

Some of them are Zinc, vitamin-B complex, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, flax seed oil, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E as well as Arginine. For boosting the count of sperms, improving sperm-motility, enhancing prostate gland functions, making healthy nervous system as well as increasing production of male hormone all the above nutrients have shown positive results.

There are lots of companies that are introducing several products these days in order to improve male sexual health. Testosterone therapy is counted as the most suitable treatment to enhance the decreased libido by restoring the male’s sex drive.

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