Proextender Scam: Is This True?


Men have always felt anxious about their penis size. A proposed solution to this anxiety has been the Proextender, which promises to slowly extend your penis via the use of traction. The use of traction will allow your penis to grow over time into your desirable size.

There has been a debate however, as many are suspicious over a Proextender scam. The issue of penis extenders are greeted with much skepticism due to exaggerated claims by companies who manufacture these products.

Things to Consider with Buying Proextender

Since there has been concerns raised over a possible Proextender scam, make sure to evaluate for yourself whether you are getting the real deal when purchasing penis extender products. Some suggestions to consider when buying products such Proextender are the following:

    – Make sure that the penis extender you are purchasing is developed by a real doctor.

    – Make sure to read about the formulation of this product. Try to verify if hard, quantifiable technology is behind this product.

    – Money-back Guarantee – If the company is willing to give your money back if you are unhappy with your product, this may mean that they are not merely scamming you for your money

    – Media attention – Be sure to check media reviews or feedback on the penis extender you are purchasing. This could aid you in your decision to purchase the product or not.

With the criteria set above, ProExtender reviews have shown that it indeed is not scamming you for your money. This is because the Proextender was developed by medical practitioner Jorn Ege Siana who has specialized in the field of penis augmentation. He has managed to create an everyday and affordable product for men who are anxious and insecure about their penis size.

There is also hard science to back up the Proextender as a penis augmentation product since it works behind the principle of traction. Traction works by putting small amounts of pressure to the penis. Tissue cells are then broken down by traction, and these cells are then forced to expand and regenerate. This leads to the penis extending to the desired size.

Scamming you for your money is definitely not the main goal of the manufacturers of Proextender as the company behind Proextender in fact, offers one of the longest guarantees on the market! You may try Proextender for six months and have your money refunded if it doesn’t work for you.

Media attention has also been very positive for the Proextender since acclaimed media outlets such as BBC, FHM, the New York Times, and Men’s Fitness have given positive feedback on this product! These accolades definitely provide additional support to the effectiveness of Proextender as a product.

The Verdict?

Given that Proextender has fulfilled all the criteria stated above, it is therefore a real product that is worth trying out! As the Proextender scam has now been debunked, what are you waiting for? Purchase the Proextender now and see the satisfying results for yourself!

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