ProExtender System

“ProExtender – The Top Rated Penis Enlargement Traction Device


There are many devices on the market today aimed at men wanting a larger penis. The one that stands far ahead of the others in terms of effectiveness is the ProExtender.


ProExtender Versus Penis Pumps

The past few decades have shown vast improvements in male enhancement products, although for the most part, the products that have been developed offer only temporary solutions. Men have been primarily using vacuum penis pumps to solve erection problems, and as a way to increase their penis size. While the penis pump is very well known, and can offer a temporary solution, the newer products on the market today are much more effective.


The development of penis traction devices has taken the penis enlargement concept to a whole new level. The best penis traction devices have the ability to increase the volume of the Corpus Cavernosa, which are the main structures in the penis that are directly responsible for an erection. All of these advancements have been brought forth through extensive clinical testing and research.


The previous vacuum penis pumps have only offered temporary solutions, whereas the devices that are now being presented, such as the ProExtender, give permanent results.


How The Penis Pump Works

Penis pumps generally work by using the basic vacuum principle. They remove the air surrounding the penis, resulting in reverse pressure. This pressure pulls extra blood from the body into the erectile bodies of the penis, (the Corpus Cavernosa), which increases the size of the penis, often to massive proportions.


In order to operate a basic penis pump, an air-tight tube is first placed around the base of the penis. This forms a seal, and the remaining air is slowly suctioned out using either an electric or hand pump. The chamber never creates a complete vacuum, but the penis can be made significantly larger through slowly reducing the pressure


One of the most notable flaws with these devices, is the need for a plastic or rubber ring to prevent the immediate loss of any gains once the tube is removed. As the size increases are only temporary, many users have found the vacuum devices more useful for “pleasure pumping”, than for any actual penis enlargement.


Is There A Permanent Solution?

The major goal for buyers of these devices, is a permanent increase in overall penis size. As the penis pumps continue to be used, it demonstrates that they are offering some gains, albeit only a temporary solution. These pumps are generally limited to offering only a temporary erection for sex.


One of the top rated penis enlargement traction devices, is the ProExtender. This device offers a permanent solution for those wanting to increase their penis size. All gains from these traction devices are clinically tested and proven, using established medical techniques.


In conclusion, the advancement of enlargement device technology has left men with many more options. Although the penis vacuum pumps have been rumoured to cause some minor gains in penis size, if used constantly over many years, the negatives far outweigh the positives.


For anyone wanting permanent gains in overall penis size, the obvious choice is to use a penis traction device, such as the ProExtender. Permanent results are far more worthwhile than any temporary solutions.


Imagine satisfying any women, and enjoying the best sex of your life!


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